Somebody Just Turned 145 Years Old. . .

Happy Birthday, Canada!  And for all Canadians, Happy Canada Day. 

I love this country, and I love many of the people in this country.  I love the many things this country has allowed me to do, and the many memories this country has played a huge part in providing.  Oh yes, our country is terribly flawed, and I could spend hours recounting those problems.  I'd rather save that kind of bashing for another day, and instead celebrate being Canadian with my lovely Canadian family.  With a family that consists of a dog whose breed originates from Switzerland, a wife with a Chinese background, and a mixed son, I'd say we're pretty much the epitome of a Canadian family -- especially since we've all been born in Canada, too. 

I hope all my Canadian readers have a wonderful day of celebration with your loved ones.  And for all my non-Canadian readers, I hope you have a fabulous Sunday.  As for my American readers, you've got your party coming real soon.

In honour of Canada Day, I thought I'd show a classic clip from the 80s sketch comedy, Kids in the Hall.  It is like Saturday Night Live, except it is funny.  I know, I know, SNL was funny back then too.  This clip about an office submarine is the perfect way to kick off the Canada Day celebrations.