When Everett Makes Me Look Like An Amazing Dad

I like to think I am a pretty good parent.  I make sure my son is clean, clothed and fed.  I am great at entertaining him.  If you've been reading my columns for the last seven months then you might even be fooled into believing I was some kind of super parent.  I've been able to go five days looking after him by myself, or had minimal problem getting him to sleep, or able to get him to instantly eating new food.  Everett makes me look good.  But that is the thing, it really doesn't have much to do with my own skills.  My son is just an amazing baby that tricks people into believing that I have a clue about what I'm doing.  Well, I just recently accomplished another parenting feat that I wanted to brag about, but after some reflection, I realized most of the credit has to go to my son.  In today's "Dad's Eye View", I write about yet another time that Everett's amazing baby skills make me look good.