A Rather Interesting Canadian Women's Soccer Article from a Week Ago

This article from the Toronto Sun made me chuckle after what happened yesterday.  It is talking about the Canadian women having to deal with bad officiating, and how they defeated Sweden despite the calls not being favourable for Canada.  It ends with Canada saying they don't care who they face in the next round as long as the referring is fair.  Because you know, it has to be in their favour at some point.  Right?

Now, Canada is out of gold medal contention, and the consensus is that this shouldn't be the case.  Canada got jobbed by the ref, and were likely going to pull off one of the biggest upsets in Olympic history,  But they didn't because the ref decided to hand out penalties for things that never get enforced in world class play.

Obviously, my laughter wasn't the good kind.  It more like, "wow real life has subtle allusions to the future sometimes too."  It sucks that Canada felt the refs weren't given them a fair shake, and it sucks even more that it was how they got knocked out of the finals.  It seems like the refs really didn't like the idea of Canada doing well.

It doesn't look like they can appeal.  It does seem like every player and the coach agree they should have won yesterday.  Hopefully, this gives them the fire to end their Olympic run with a bronze medal victory.