Beloved Pop Culture Classics That Originally Were Flops

A piece of pop culture is declared a classic because it is universally loved and has always been an endearing part of society.  Right?  A classic couldn't possibly have been a bomb when it first started out, could it?  Well, I'm sure you've already figured out where I am going with this.  Yes, some classics were originally giant flops.  They debuted to negative reviews and an apathetic audience (or no audience).  You'll actually be surprised which cherished classic were actually not instant hits.  In today's Collective Publishing Pop Culture article, I look at a few beloved classics that started out as dismal failures, but eventually were able to win over an audience.  Once you're done discovering which of your favourite works were initially despised, over in the comment section let me know what you think or offer up some classics that you know started out as a flop.