Canadian Women Soccer Team Can Still Make History

I was shocked the women made it to the semifinals of Olympic soccer.  Not sure many people would have ever predicted that.  Though I'm sure every player believed they could, and that is why they were playing the US for a chance to play for gold.

Then they played the game of their life.  At one point, I thought we were going to see a Canadian soccer team play for the gold medal for the first time ever.  It was going to be history.

Then they got robbed.  Now, there is talk that there were some pretty controversial calls by the ref that led to the US being able to tie the game.  Right near the end of regulation play, Canada was up 3-2.  A delay of game call and a handball call lead to the Americans tying it up.

I'm no soccer expert.  I was busy writing pay copy for most of the game.  I can't comment too much on the bad calls.  I also know that fans tend to blame the refs for their teams painful defeats.  I also am not oblivious to the fact that refs make lousy calls sometimes, and it sucks when they decide the game.

If the ref was the reason the Canadians lost, then that is pretty much a 500 pound dead fly in my well prepared onion soup.  Especially because we were minutes away from one of the most epic upsets in sports.  This isn't hyperbole.  Canada was HUGE longshots here.  They stretched the Americans to the limits, and were just one kick another away from heading into a gold medal game.  A Canadian first and something no one believed would ever happen in this sport.

Not only were they almost in the finals, but they would have defeated the kings of soccer.  The American women's soccer team are world beaters, and taking them down would have been a miracle.  This would have made Canadian sports legend.

I'm bummed.  I'm more bummed to think if it was a bad call that destroyed the dream.

Here is the thing.  History can still be made.  Canada hasn't won any medal in soccer.  They have a chance to beat France for the bronze.  Since they just almost beat former World Champions, I'd say for the first time that Canada could even be favourites here.  They can top there best ever Olympic showing by taking home some medals.  The end of this soccer story can still be happy, even if it would have been nice to have a golden ending.

The women still put on a hell of a show.  They almost pulled off an epic upset.  For that, they should be full of pride.  Great job, ladies.