Finally, It Will Be The Office's Final Season

I've whined before that The Office should have packed up shop when Steve Carell left the show.  Now, producer Greg Daniels is promising that this will be the final season.  I couldn't be happier with that news.  I think that if there is an end game on the horizon and they don't need to worry about stretching things out for more years, then there is a strong chance this series can end on a positive note.  It hasn't been the high caliber show that snagged a loyal following for a long time, but I'm now hopeful that I can go back to watching this show because I enjoy it rather than it is just something I do at 9:00 on a Thursday.

If the series doesn't get back on track, then I at least know things are wrapping up now.  Though I'm not sure what major story arcs are still dangling about, but Daniels appears to think there are major stories that need to be resolved.  I've always thought the problem for the last few years has been that all the important stuff has found a satisfying conclusion, and now the show has just been going through the motions.  But I'll give Daniels some benefit of the doubt, and trust that he has some smoking stories lined up.  It would be cool if the long term fans are rewarded with some little Easter eggs or resolutions to some sidebar events and mysteries that have built up over the years.  Though I do have to say that I'd rather they didn't reveal the documentary crew, and think that will just clutter things up more.  But again I'll let it play out.

I'm going to slip over to the optimistic side, and have hope we are in store for a classic season of The Office.  Oh please oh please, don't make me regret being positive.


Since I'm talking TV, I just want to throw in the recent announcement that Blair from the Facts of Life is on Survivor this year.  And for sport fans, retired Major Leaguer Jeff Kent is joining in on the fun.  But for the children of the '80s, it is kind of cool to see Lisa Whelchel (actor who played Blair) join the show.  I totally had a small TV crush on Blair back when that show was in first run.  I think it mainly came from the fact that my dad has a things for blondes, and so, I was convinced blonde was the colour that I must crush on.  Anyway, I'm still going to root for her, even if older females usually are one of the first to go.