Your Wednesday Evening Question of Profound Profoundness

I was going to post on here more today than just my article pimpage, but then I didn't.  So, here we are at the final hours of the day, and all you had to entertain you were two articles by me and maybe a gerbil.  If you own a gerbil.  Or if you left wood chips out and it decided to make a home in them.  Either way, I hope you had the necessary tools and animals to fight off the boredom.

Anyway, my subject header promised a question.  I'll give you one of those, and then you can answer it or ask it to a friend.  Or a gerbil.  Which could be the same thing, actually.

If you had the power to go back in time and convince a director/producer/executive to replace an actor in a film role then what film, actor and role would you choose?

My choice?

Denzel Washington in Running Man in the lead role of Ben Richards.  It would have completely changed the dynamic of the film.  Yes, I realize Denzel wasn't a star back in 1987.  I also realize I wasted my choice on an action film.  Well, I think the script and film would have been much deeper and closer to the book if you has someone like Denzel.  So there.

Your turn. 

Edit: I apparently thought it was Thursday when I was writing this.  Must have been a longer day than I thought.  I've now changed it to the proper day. 


  1. B. Holt2:40 pm

    Keanu Reeves in the Matrix trilogy with an inanimate carbon rod. Or one of Johnny Depp or Will Smith.

  2. I'd be intrigued to see what the rod could offer to the role. Good choice.


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