Lamenting the Loss of R Rated Action Films

There were some pretty great films this year.  I'm not about to declare the death of the film industry.  I do think that we're missing something.  In my old age, I've been getting a little nostalgic.  Mainly, I've been thinking about the '80s and all the great movies that existed during that time.  I've mostly been thinking about the classic action films of that time period.  More specifically, the awesome R rated action films.  Now, of course I didn't get to see any of them in the '80s, because I was too young.  But I dreamt about them and counted down the years until I finally got a piece of that forbidden fruit.  This was half the fun about childhood, looking at the adults and imagining all the things you'd get to do when you grew up.  But now there is a rather pitiful selection of Rated R action films, and I fear my son will never get the joys of trying to sneak a peek at the latest R rated action film.  The rated R films are being replaced by the PG-13 films, and those films are fine but never will be able to possess the same kind of magic.  In today's Collective Publishing Pop Culture article, I lament the downfall of the R Rated action film and the rise of PG-13 rated films.