Wednesday Night is a Wonderful Time to Talk Survivor and Modern Family

Tonight we had the second episode of what should be a great season, and we have the season premiere of the Emmy anointed king of sitcoms.  Now, I'm going to spew out my thoughts on both.

Oh yeah, spoilers and stuff.

Survivor Philippines: I'm now convinced that this season is going to be awesome, and that there is enough crazy to make up for the exit of the idiot's version of Russell Hantz, Zane.  The theme of the night seemed to be tribes exploding and alliances already dissolving.  This of course is exactly the kind of thing that makes this show immensely entertaining.

I love Penner, and I can't believe he was able to get the idol without being caught.  I love that his cover was about looking for his glasses, because the rain washed out his contacts.  Has that ever happened in the history of life?  But his tribe bought it.  He really is going to school his crew of amateurs and his only problem is that his tribe is currently intent on sending him home.  He definitely doesn't seem to be connected to the group in anyway.  I think Penner can read when he is in trouble, and will hopefully use the idol early if he has to.  Though I also think he can talk his way to safety, especially since his main detractor may soon only have one leg to hop around on.  I am not sure how he will be able to hide that he has the idol, considering it was a part of the rice container, and you'd assume at least one person was observant enough to realize the symbol is now no longer on the lid.  I wouldn't notice, but I know my wife would.

Skupin wasn't drooling over Lisa anymore.  I am not sure if he is going to save her when their tribe goes to council.  I also think it immensely sucks for Lisa that her tribe is thinking about voting her out because they think she is looking for the idol, when in reality she was just introverting.  I would have never guessed the actor who played Blair would be an introvert.  Or a Survivor fan -- so, this world seems to have some surprises yet.

I love that the Abi and RC alliance has already fallen apart.  RC seems to be the one with the more level head, and should realize it is time to stop trusting Abi.  I'm assuming she won't tell her now when she finds the idol.  She should switch her two person allegiance to Skupin since Abi assumes that is where it is anyway.  Abi doesn't really seem like a strategic player or someone that brings much value.  I look forward to more tension between these two, and I'm sure the friction will continue as they desperately try to cling to their alliance of four.

Poor, poor, Russell Swan's tribe, as they had to head to another council.  This group is totally falling apart.  You have people upset about Angie and Malcolm snuggling, and another group feeling Roxy isn't pulling her weight.  Russell seems to now have the heat off him, and no longer the target to be voted off.  He also seems to have mellowed up on his leading and bossing.  He may also be back in trouble if his tribe loses again, because Malcolm, Angie and Denise seem to be the new majority alliance. 

I admit I'm shocked Roxy went home.  I was pretty sure Angie declaring her tribe would be better with cookies was going to be her ticket out of the game.  Everyone went on about how you don't want a couple, and then they allowed Angie and Malcolm to stay intact.  I'm guessing Roxy just got too hard to deal with at camp, or Malcolm has some strong persuasion skills.

Seriously, you're asked what is the one thing the tribe needs, and Angie votes for cookies?  I may have said the same thing.  Cookies are awesome.  I'm not sure how they will allow them to start winning challenges and not end up at tribal council.  It was definitely one of the best bad tribal answers ever.

This was a fun episode, but I hope another tribe ends up going to council next week.  Otherwise, you're likely going to see Russell's tribe completely decimated, and Malcolm won't have a chance to prove he is a great player (which was my prediction at the start).

Modern Family:  I love this show, and this was a great kick off to the season.  I know that my current tired remark about modern sitcoms has been the balance between sweetness and humour.  I say it a lot.  It seems to be the thing I say when I don't know how to describe what I just watched.  This episode was evidence that Modern Family is the master of balancing sweetness with humour. 

You had tons of funny moments in this episode.  I love the rather awful attempt at" kidnapping" Jay, and Phil's attempt at helping a "drowning" Jay was punching him in the face.  I liked that Phil eventually grew the beard that Jay's friend kept remarking that he needed to have, and of course, Claire ended up despising it.  Luke making Manny paranoid about being pushed aside for the new baby was clever, but I got a kick out of his exit from the conversation was "I'm going to check on dinner."  The stuffed toys humping was sophomoric, which is why I laughed.  Claire proves to be a very realistic mom who loves her kids but is also willing to make awful drinks that cause her drunk child to gag and disguise it as a hangover remedy.  I think the reason this type of humour works is that the characters are flawed and human, and they aren't about being perfect parents or kids.  But for the most part, they really do mean well.

I'm missing out on several other really funny scenes.  That humour was then followed by one of the sweeter moments when Jay surprises everyone, and is actually excited to become a father again.  His support and excitement for Gloria's pregnancy was a very special moment in the show's history, and everyone handled it incredibly.  I didn't cry for the record.  Honest.  Seriously, I didn't.

It was a really great premiere, and I hope this is a sign that Modern Family will continue its streak of awesome seasons.  I am more than happy for them to keep on winning Emmys if they keep on being one of the best things on TV.

Oh yeah, I also liked Lily's random decision to get a cat and name it Larry (which she originally wanted for her brother).  I'm sure I am still missing some great comedic moments from this show.   

Oh yeah, the show has a Ghostbuster too!

Okay, now I'm done.