666 Park Avenue: Thoughts On Another 3 Week Old Episode

I finally got around to checking out the 666 Park Avenue series premiere.  Much like most series premieres, it is a show that has glimmers of potential but spends most of its time trying to cram all the characters and storylines for the season in 45 minutes or so.

The show also didn't sort out exactly what it wants to be.  It got sold on being a horror series, but it isn't scary.  It is currently more campy and soapy.  If it that is what it wants to be then that is fine, but then it is competing with several other shows already.  A scary series on network TV is absent, and this show has potential to do that.

I do like the fact the show has already dealt with the issue of "why are people sticking around a haunted apartment building."  It seems that most are staying by choice since they've entered deals with the devil or his assistant or whatever Terry O'Quinn is playing.  He does play it well, and is definitely creepy.

The show had some forced moments in order to rush along the plot.  Why would a sudden blurting of historical facts be enough to win over an employer in a job interview?  Do they typically want strong Trivial Pursuit players for building manager positions? 

The show also had a few silly moments of trying to create suspense.  Okay, so the building once had a door and now they put a wall over it.  Filling up a door doesn't mean an evil dark history, but rather you now wanted a wall there.  I realize in this case it will mean a deep and dark secret, but it isn't the only reason for filling in a door.  The characters should be unaware they're in a horror series thus not assume dark secrets.

I liked the episode for the most part.  It'll be interesting to see if the front desk guy is really bitter for being passed over for the building manager job, and also finding out how much he actually knows about the building.  He seems to hint that he did know the real fate of the prior manager (he is in some place warm). 

The elevator attack actually surprised me.  I assume this means the building (is it a living thing?) wants writer dude's wife out of the picture.  Why does it want him to hook up with that blond girl?  Is she associated with the building in some way?  This whole scenario has me intrigued.

Then there is the thief that can possible see the future by touching jewellery.  Or that is what I got out that scene.  Is she on Jane's side?  Is she trying to fight the powers in the building?

It wasn't a great premiere, and there was already some plot holes and forced moments.  I understand that you really need to rush things along in order to set everything up for the season.  It has enough moments that I liked, that I'm interested in sticking with it for a bit.

In the new show rankings, I'd put it below Last Resort but above Revolution.  I think I'll probably stick this one through for the entire season, which is something I haven't decided yet for Revolution.

What does everyone else think about this show?