A Real Life Example of Why a Freelance Writer Needs Multiple Revenue Streams

I was notified this past Saturday that the site Road Runner is restructuring and changing their business model.  This restructuring includes canceling content from contributing writers, and changing how they do television reviews.

This means effective immediately they won't need my Last Resort reviews anymore.  Which means effective immediately, I'm no longer getting paid to watch Last Resort.

Losing a writing gig always sucks.  This is why I try to have many clients at one time.  You never know when a relationship could change or things dry up from a specific client.  It is a bummer the Road Runner gig suddenly disappeared, but I also have several other jobs to help pay the bills.  I also still have three weekly jobs that allow me to have a public byline.  I not only am still getting money, but I have my weekly ego boost and needs for attention satisfied.

There is another potential job ready to replace my Road Runner gig.  This job will likely be bigger and higher profile.  I am pretty excited about that.  I'll let you know all about it when I can.

For now, don't feel too bad for me losing Last Resort.  I'm doing okay.