Chimps Are Weeping Over Latest 2012 TV Season Fatality

Animal Practice gets to be the second show of the season to be shipped off to the TV Cancellation Graveyard.

I prefer the show to be called "House with a Monkey."  I'm not really sure why NBC thought this was going to be ratings gold.  I am absolutely the opposite of shocked that it was an early cancellation.  I admit that I never watched the show, but the trailer screamed "One of the most painful half hours in television."  I'm glad it is over with, though I hope the cute monkey can find work.

The only real bummer is that Whitney is the show being slotted in as the replacement rather than Community.  I'm sure Guys with Kids only has about a month left (and it would likely have been shorter if it wasn't a show produced by NBC golden boy, Jimmy Fallon).  Community will either be rubbing against Whitney or if Kids somehow avoids the ax, then it looks like it'll be a mid-season show.

Community is one of the most underrated comedies on TV (well, it currently isn't on TV, but it will be back).  Animal Practice was the opposite of that.  Farewell, moody vet, we'll have forgotten about you by Halloween.