First Casualty of the TV Fall Season

Made in Jersey.

Because apparently, the world wasn't dying to see yet another show with the words "Jersey" in it.

Though to be fair to this show, it apparently was nothing like that other show.  First off, it was a scripted show.  Secondly, it was a lawyer procedural show. Thirdly, it clearly has way less of a potential audience.

I never saw the show, and only know that it was about a tough, sassy, Jersey born female who becomes a lawyer.  I did read a few columns that predicted this show would be making an early exit.  The pilot was apparently awful, but I can't actually give any fair assessment of it.

Of course, my assessment would be useless since the show has bit the dust no matter what I say.

I still want to give the show one small bit of kudos.  I still like to root for shows with female leads, because it is something TV needs to do more often.  Though, if you look at the current TV landscape, there are actually quite a few shows with females with top billing. I get the impression the lead character in this show wasn't necessarily a paragon for women's liberation or anything either.

I have to admit I never really shed a tear when a procedural is cancelled.  CBS has way too many dang procedurals.  It often feels like that is the only kind of drama that the network knows how to produce and air.  It is nice to see one fail, and maybe the network can start trying to produce some serialized programming.  Then again, this is CBS, which is the network where the majority of the viewers witnessed the moon landing and try to be hip by saying "groovy".  They tend to like predictable programming or something that can be on while they do crosswords and knit sweaters.  Procedurals are good for those things.

Made in Jersey won't be able to do any of that though.  The show will now always be known as the first casualty of the 2012 season.  I wish I actually made predictions of the first shows to get the boot.  Though, I likely wouldn't have predicted Made in Jersey, since I thought it might have a chance to drag out for a few months since it was on the very uncompetitive Friday night.

What do you think will be the next 2012 cancellation?  I'm going to throw in a vote for Mob Doctor, which is getting killed on Monday night.