More Proof I'd Be An Awful Network TV Executive

ABC made a full season order of The Neighbors.

Because someone out there hates people.

I was pretty sure that The Neighbors was one of the guaranteed cancellations of 2012.  Now, it will be peddling its ugly CGIed aliens and "please poke a screwdriver in my eye" humour for an entire year.  Why is ABC intent on destroying television?

I admit I haven't watched a single episode.  I did see the trailer.  I had to fight for my very survival after being afflicted to those 3 minutes of torture.  Did anyone really think that the '80s sci-fi sitcom movement was something that needed to be replicated, but this time with dated humour (to be fair, ALF and Small Wonder would be dated now too)?

Maybe it is ABC's strategy to make their other top notch sitcoms look even better.  Modern Family and Suburgatory are fantastic shows, but they're Nobel Prize worthy compared to the greatest sitcom atrocity of modern times.

What I don't understand is how does a critically panned and only modestly rated show get to pollute the airwaves for an entire year?  This is only going to encourage studio executives to greenlight a sitcom about a family of mummies that run a sassy hair salon and try to hide their undead dog from their nosy vampire neighbour.