NBC Can Make Smart Moves: Dane Cook Series Dropped

Nothing personal against Mr. Dane Cook, but he isn't funny.  I want to watch his films or see his stand-up act about as much as I want to arm wrestle a grizzly bear while coated in fish guts.  I'm not sure which one is more detrimental to my long term health.

I don't want Dane Cook to be stopped from being able to make a living.  I know there are people who think he is fifty kinds of awesome funny.  I give them their right to laugh at crap.  But I had some joy bounce around my belly this morning when I found out Dane Cook's new sitcom got cancelled before it even got to premiere.  Now, that is how you should cancel an awful show.

NBC has had a rough last five years or so.  It has dipped down to being the fourth rated American network out of five, and really, nobody considered CW to be a real network.  NBC has made a bit of a comeback this season, and some of their shows have actually had what networks like to call "people who watch your show."  It appears they may have started learning how to produce programs that people actually want to watch.  Of course, you have to ignore the fact they also are airing shows like Animal Practice (aka House with a Monkey) and Guys with Kids (aka Gah, Men Can't Change Diapers!).

They did realize that Dane Cook on network TV is a stupid idea.  They do have some decent sitcoms, like Go On, that are doing well this season.  There is no reason to mess it up by having Cook make fart noises for 22 minutes each week.

Besides, everyone in the entire universe realized the show was getting canceled anyway.  Why not just save some time?

Kudos NBC.  Now they need to realize a prequel series on Hannibal Lecter is the second stupidest idea for a network TV show (might possibly be okay for cable though).