This Evil Dead Trailer Seems Fitting After Today's Collective Publishing Article

In today's Collective Publishing, I basically called out Hollywood for making sucky horror movies for the last few years.  There hasn't been anything remotely fresh or you know, terrifying in the horror genre.  Everything is just so predictable and sanitary.  You don't have really disturbing films anymore like the original 1978 Halloween or Evil Dead.

The answer seems to be to remake those movies.  They've already redone Halloween (psst. . . no where near as good as the original), and so it is apparently time to do Evil Dead all over again.

Based off this trailer, the movie might actually be scary.  It also may overly rely on blood and being gross, but there were some small hints in the trailer that they understand how to unsettle the viewer and actually create a terrifying mood.

This trailer makes good use of music, it isn't overly CGIed, it looks dark and creepy, and the fast cuts make it hard for you to breath.  It is probably one of the scarier trailers I've seen in 5 years, which isn't saying much since horror is awful lately but it is a start.

I'm not totally convinced yet that this will be scary and awesome, and that it will finally give me my horror fix.

But I have hope.

Who would have ever thought this trailer could give me such a feeling.

Check it out if you love gore, blood, and not being able to sleep peacefully at night.