This is How You Do Viral Marketing. . .

I was already pumped for the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph film.  It will be awesome to see some of the classic old school video game characters show up on the big screen.  Even if the film turns out to be a bummer, the nostalgia alone will be enough to make the film worth my time.  Disney appears to understand that nostalgia is a major selling point for this film.  They're putting a lot of time and creativity into the promotion.  If the marketing campaign is any sign, then we may finally have a Disney animated film that rivals Pixar (which is fitting, since the most recent Pixar offering reminded more of a Disney picture).

Here is a commercial for the old Fix-It Felix Jr. arcade game (of course, the commercial is actually new and the game is fake -- but you knew that right?).  This screams '80s, and is definitely making me feel a bit like that little video game addict from back then.