35 Years Old

But I don't look a day past 10 and a half months.  I credit it to all the bacon and Pop Tarts.

My birthday has been spectacular so far, because the morning was me and the boys.  It was a quality time of making motor boat noises and chewing on stuffed horses.  Everett and Summit did eventually tire of my gnawing on their toys though.

It has been a marvelous 35 years, and I'm looking forward to many more.  For today, I just plan on relaxing and spending time with those I love.

But of course, birthdays are also a great time for gifts.  And you know what would be a great gift?

A donation to Movember.

If I have to spend today with an upper lip fur coat, then I should at least make money to kick prostate cancer in the eyeball.

I'm off birthdaying now.