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A Few More Thoughts On Last Night's Victory

I talked about the American election for the first time last night.  I didn't hide my joy about Obama's re-election.  I wanted to add a few more thoughts before we all move on with our lives.

One term Presidents are always considered flukes and failures.  I dare you to try to come up with a President that failed to get re-elected that is considered a success.  It has been GOP's mission to ensure Obama's 2008 election be seen as an anomaly.  They shaped a narrative for the past four years of a guy who was over his head and not fit to be President.  Last night, Obama received a decisive victory and permanently erased any stigma of being a fluke or failure.

GOP and their propaganda machines like FOX News spent four years trying to make Obama's first term a disaster.  The reality is that Obama was elected into a mess back in 2008.  The country was in two wars and the economy was in the shitter.  It was going to be four tough years for any President, and GOP used it as evidence that Obama wasn't fit.  GOP not only trotted out endless smear campaigns against Obama, but they also openly shot down anything he proposed even if it would be something they normally agreed with.

Obama has had to remain moderate and slowly push through his reforms.  He has been successful on many fronts.  His achievements will start coming through in these next four years.  GOP will still wage their little war, but it is also clear their agenda was a failure.  They're stuck with a centrist President for another four years rather than someone willing to pander to the far right and the corporations.

This election screamed out the message that the Presidency is not just for "rich, straight, white, old guys" and that this isn't the only demographic with a voice.  GOP should change their strategy in the future, but I'm not totally convinced they will.  They've been grounded in this thought for a long time, and they've proven to be a stubborn lot.

I have to admit I was worried Romney might sneak in.  Obama was elected with a lot of unfair pressure in 2008.  Liberals believed he'd birth unicorns and throw out free puppies.  They wanted instant change and radical change.  The reality is that Obama isn't a liberal but a centrist.  He was never going to make the changes they wanted.  He was stuck in a spot where he'd never be able to make them fast enough.  I feared there would be disillusion and a lack of voter turnout from the left.  I was happily proven wrong.  The voters proved they are willing to allow Obama to see things through to the end.

I also hope people realize they're still getting the same President that they had for the last four years.  He is still competing with the same GOP and their allies.  If people haven't realized positive changes have been made these past four years then they're in for a shock.  They still won't be getting their unicorns and puppies.  If they've noticed a gradual progress, then this second term should be satisfying.

This is a greater victory than the one in 2008.  The critics claimed it was just voters running on emotion.  The doubters believed Obama would be exposed and we'd be back to the status quo by 2012.  It didn't work out that way.  America proclaimed that they don't want the far right candidates the GOP are flinging at them.  They are ready for a different America, and want to see the change continue to move forward.

I'm relieved.  I'm happy.  I look forward to seeing progress over the next four years.

Congratulations, Mr. President.