A Man and His 'Stache

Or as the cool kids keep calling it, a mo'.

My upper lip's fur coat is growing in "nicely".  Of course, in this sense "nicely" means I'm not getting kissed again until December 1st, and my wife now address me by looking at her feet.  It is a tough life growing a mustache for a good cause.

It is worth it.

Because my amazing sister-in-law Carolyn joined in and donated a generous $50.00.  I've now raised $150.00 towards the goal of kicking prostate cancer in the eyeball.  I am truly touched by the great donations from dear friends.

The donations don't need to end.  You really don't need to donate something as high as $50.00.  Any amount helps this worthy cause.

Remember, if I raise $400.00 by 9am on Monday November 12th, then the spiffy mustache up there will be transformed into a cancer fighting Fu Manchu.  We've got the weekend to make this happen.

If you need more convincing, it is my birthday on the 13th.  It would be a grand gift to raise a large amount of money for Movember.  It would be more awesome than a show tune dancing warthog to end up raising $1000.00 by the end of the month.  It is my goal, and I know we can do it.  Please consider donating and hop on over to my Movember site.