Addendum to Last Night's Walking Dead Recap for BuddyTV

My deadlines for my BuddyTV articles are pretty short, and I'm often churning out the copy before I've even had a chance to work out all my thoughts.  My BuddyTV overlords also prefer my articles to be relatively short rather than the walls of verbiage that rule the land over here.  I also don't want to just provide a straight recap, because you can find that in countless other places.  I tend to analyze the major plot points of the episode, which also means that it is easier to keep a tight and short article if I just focus on a few key scenes.  This strategy causes a major scene or moment to sometimes get cut from my recap, so that I can declare Rick insane or foam about Michonne's awesomeness.

In last night's review, I inadvertently left out a significant scene.  A moment that resonated with me, and connected with me emotionally.  I even left a note to mention it in my recap, but then the Glenn stuff happened and there was that odd cabin scene and I started to get pumped for the Woodbury showdown, thus momentarily forgot about this sweet little moment.

The review is already posted and done, but my blog is ready to house my feelings just fine.  The most powerful non-Glenn being battered and crazy hobo being killed scene was when Carol returns to the group.  There wasn't any dialogue, but the emotion and feeling was so powerful and ended up being heightened based off the subtle performances.  Rick displayed so much gratitude and renewed faith in his face when he saw Carol.  It was a moment of hope that things will be okay, and that the dreadful day he lost his wife was not all a disaster.  One life survived that day, and it means they can overcome adversity. 

The moment between Carol and Rick where he communicated through facials that Lori was dead was the profound but nuanced acting that is rare in this show.  Carol knew it hurt too much to say the words.  She has experienced loss more than almost anyone else on this show.  She has lost her entire family, and went through the loss of her daughter on two occasions (she went missing, then needed to be killed as a walker).  Their hug was a touching and sweet moment that unleashed several messages.

It was one of the better moments of the entire series, and it was done so well because they underplayed it.  It just needed the subtle facials.  You knew a thousand things were being said.  It was a scene like this that showed this is a series that is more than just zombie beheadings.

It was such a great scene that I went on to completely forget to mention it last night. 

But honestly, it was way better than the crazy hobo.  Trust me.