Don't You Want This Bundle of Cutness to Have Toys?

Can you really say "no toys" to this guy?

I've had a rather large amount of views for my "Vote for Everett" plea post.  But those views haven't translated to the same number of "likes" for Everett's picture.

But I know you want this guy to have a $50.00 Toys R Us gift certificate.

All you have to do is click this link and "like" it.  But today is the final day of the contest, and Everett is in second place.  Though we need lots of votes to jump into first place.  Feel free to get your friends to join in.

Do you know how happy Everett would be if he gets in first?

This happy.

I've given you years of blog content and almost a year of Everett cuteness.  You can now show your thanks by giving Everett a "like."  Right here.

If you "like" him, then Everett has promised to share his new toys.