Harnessing the Power of the 'Stache to Defeat Cancer

Cancer is the worst.

We all want to find some way to defeat it and save our loved ones.

There is one thing that I can do really well.  I can grow facial hair.  So, for one month, I am going to grow the mightiest mustache known to mankind.  I'll be joining up with the Movember organization in an attempt to raise funds for research and organizations in men's health and prostate cancer.

I'd love it if you would consider donating to the cause.  You can help out by checking out my Movember site here.  I'll also use that site and this blog to track my progress and show pictures of my sure to be glorious 'stache.

I am currently clean shaven, and ready to rock the lip whiskers.

I'm also dedicating my campaign to the memory of my father-in-law, Peter Ho (2011) and my grandfather Harry Bowen (1983).