I May Eventually Be a Hermit: A Movember Update

My wife has officially declared that she no longer wants to look at my face.  When she does sneak a peek, she is appears to be mocking me.

Yes, the 'stache is making its presence felt on my upper lip.

The 'stache has also raised me $100.00 for the great cause of kicking prostate cancer in the eyeball.  But I want to raise more.  I want to raise more because it is a great cause.  I want to raise more in order to honour the memory of my father-in-law, Pete Ho, who I lost to brain cancer and my grandfather, Harry Bowen, who I lost to prostate cancer.

Plus if I can raise $400.00 by 9:00am on Monday November 12th than I'm turning the mustache into a glorious Fu Manchu.  It will also ensure that Emily will force me to wear a burlap sack over my head for the remainder of the month.

Please consider donating to this great cause.  My previous donators gave $50.00 each, but I don't expect such a generous amount from anyone.  Any small amount helps the cause.

Check out my Movember site, and consider giving whatever amount you wish.

Thank you so much.