If I Can't Get the Government of My Choice in Canada, Then I'll Live Vicariously Through America

The US networks are declaring Barack Obama repeating as President. 

I haven't mentioned much politics over the last year.  Despite that fact, America still decided to have an election.  It doesn't mean I don't have opinions on the matter, but it does mean that I haven't been paying as close attention this year as prior.  I blame it on Everett, because he is too young to defend himself.

I'm overjoyed that Obama is President.  I didn't vote for him, but that is entirely due to being a Canadian and not eligible.  I'm glad that America did the job for me, and Obama has four more years to put things in the right direction.  Or at least try to put things in the right direction and to create a positive legacy for himself.

I'm also ecstatic that the GOP smear campaign was a monumental failure.  The public was smart enough to see through them.  It also looks like a good portion of the voters realized that repeating "I'm a businessman" over and over again isn't an effective campaign.  Mitt Romney didn't run the greatest campaign, especially since his goal was to say things that constantly contradicted everything he has done in the past.  The man wasn't the future of a stable economy, even if that was his entire selling point.

I think the biggest thing going against Obama last term was all the hype surrounding him before he was even sworn in.  Yes, he was the first Black President, and that is awesome.  There was so much pressure on him from the left, and this idea he was going to transform America into a paradise where everyone has jobs and puppies was never going to happen.  Especially since the GOP was out to get him from the very beginning, and they were going to shit on everything he tried.  Obama already came into a situation where the economy had tanked and the country was at war.  He has gradually tried to steer things right, and it was always going to take longer than four years.

This is the term that will cement Obama's legacy.  It will also be the term that FOX News and other far rights will distort every fact into "Obama is the antichrist."  If you're far right then you'll hate what he does no matter what.  Because damn does it suck when a President looks after the working class and tries to allow everyone a chance at proper medical care.  And yes, that last line was pure sarcasm, but would be something stated by certain GOP public figures.

This is a good thing.  America doesn't need a President pandering to corporations and giving more tax breaks to the rich.  Harper has tried the same thing here in Canada, and it hasn't caused an economic explosion despite what some have claimed during this election cycle.

I realize some are going to hate the Obama term no matter what because he is a Democrat.  Just like how Republicans like to claim they're the best things for the economy, despite the fact America's greatest time of financial prosperity over the past 30 years was under Clinton.  The stories will be spun to downplay and harm Obama's second term as well.

I'm looking forward to it.  It is a chance for some of the slow work to turn into major payoffs.  I think it is a very good thing that the first Black President won a second term, and be able to avoid being a "one hit wonder."  I don't think the win will shake up the GOP or knock significant wind out of the far right.  It won't kill racism.  It does give some much needed momentum to Democrats and the left.  It is nice when that occasionally can happen.

At some point, I may have some more significant thoughts.  Even though I'm stuck with a Prime Minister that makes me want to run full force into a brick wall, I'm given some hope that America has a President I actually would have voted for.

If I could.

Which I couldn't.

But I can still blog on and on about him, at least.

Thanks America, for letting me vicariously live through you.