My Second November Challenge: National Novel Writing Month

You already know about my goal to cover my upper lip and raise funds to kick prostate cancer in the eyeball.

Since the mustache growing magic can happen while I do other things, I decided to join a second challenge for the month.

I'll be participating in National Novel Writing Month.

What is this crazy event?

Well, the title gives you some pretty solid clues.  Essentially it is an event that many all over the world participate in, where they attempt to write an entire novel in a month.  The goal is to reach 50,000 words by 11:59PM on November 30th. 

I spend a few hours every month going on and on about how I should write a novel.  This was supposed to be the novel writing year.  Well, the year is almost over, and so it made sense to join up with this competition.  It is a great event, because it encourages writing and creativity.  If you're ever going to get that novel finished, then this is a great community and support structure to help that happen.

I realize it is already five days in, but if you always wanted to write a novel, this may be the month to do it.

I also have to admit that not only have I not started on the novel, but I also haven't even decided which of my ideas will be transformed into a novel.  You wouldn't be the only person behind in the game.

I'll keep you updated on the progress of my novel.  Hopefully, at the end of this month I'll have something in semi-readable form that can eventually be shipped off to publishers.

If I don't, then you'll never hear me speak about this again.