The Face That Makes Small Children and Pets Cower

This one.

I hear the children and pets are forming a rebel alliance to overthrow the beast that resides on my upper lip.  Emily is also pretty sure my 'stache made a move on her last night.  It is a tough life being the owner of an upper lip cover.

You can make it all better by donating at my Movember site.  Together we can kick prostate cancer in the eyeball.

I've received two awesome donations since we last spoke.  My wife donated to the cause, and you may think that doesn't count.  You could argue it is just like if I donated to myself.  I do want to add that I've also given donations to some friends that are part of this fundraiser.  I am practicing what I've been preaching this month.

I also received a super generous donation of $60.00 from a fellow Mo' Bro, Matthew Caldwell.  It was an unexpected but much appreciated offering.

I know we can Mo' past the $320.00 I've raised.  We can make even more.  I would really appreciate it if you would consider donating, and remember, any amount helps the cause.