The Final Hours of the Furry King's Reign Over the Upper Lip Kingdom

But he will leave the world knowing he was magnificent.

Though my wife may not entirely agree with the word "magnificent".  She'd probably think of something closer to "stay away from me until you shave that thing off."  Which is happening once this day ends.

That is right, today is the final day with my dear furry friend.  It has been a fantastic month of weird looks, strained soup, and wife avoidance.  It was a month of bonding with facial hair that hasn't rocked the world properly since about 1989 or so.

But all furry things must come to an end, and that end is today.

You still have time to make a donation, and help me kick prostate cancer in the eyeball.

I know I have a few readers and friends that can donate.  I don't want you to be intimidated by the more generous donations.  I am happy with any amount.  Any small amount can help with the cause of defeating prostate cancer.

Though if we're going to talk about super generous donations, then I must mention my magnificent mother.  She donated a wonderful $100.00, and now has lifted my funds up to the $480.00 mark.  A pretty impressive amount for a guy who spends most of his day by himself in front of a computer.

I once again want to thank everyone for their kind donations, and helping make my Movember a success.

I'm glad I could raise $480.00 in honour of my father-in-law, Peter Ho, and my grandfather, Harry Bowen.

But the month isn't done.  You can still donate.  So, please check out my site, and consider giving any amount you're comfortable.