I'm a Better Dad Than Him. . .

Time for Everett's Cuteness to Pay Off

We took Everett "trick or treating" to a few homes of friends and family.  We even took photos, but apparently, thought it would be best to forget the camera at his grandparents.  You'll have to wait for the detailed Everett Halloween pictures, but right now on Facebook, there is one Everett picture.

The problem is that Everett wanted to hide the makeup that revealed he is a ventriloquist puppet.  But he is Everett, so he is still cute.  Definitely cute enough to "like" the photo.

Why would you like the photo?

Well, Everett likes toys.  But toys cost money.  It would sure be easier to get some toys if we had a $50.00 gift certificate.  That is exactly what we would win if we get the most Facebook "likes".  You can have your daily dose of Everett cuteness, and then declare how much you like him.  I'm sure Everett will share his toys with you out of appreciation.