Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to the Free Peep Show for my Bare Naked Upper Lip

It is December 1st, which means life after Movember.  To celebrate this fact, I got a kiss from Emily right after I shaved off the mustache.  I forgot how much I liked kisses.  Order is finally restored and my wife will look at my face again.  Life is good.

My mustache served me well.  I raised $480 to help kick prostate cancer right in the eyeball.  Of course, there were several other men and women that helped raised a great amount of cash for the cause.

I'm pretty you can still give.  Even though I now sport a naked lip, you can head over to my page and donate any amount you feel comfortable.  Seriously, I know many of you can't afford much, but $5.00 or $10.00 is still a huge help for the cause.

As I said before, you can consider it a "Thank You" for all the free content I've provided over the years.  Or if that doesn't work, then do it in memory of someone you lost to cancer or specifically, prostate cancer.

I did this campaign to honour both my father-in-law, Peter Ho, and my grandfather, Harry Bowen.  I'm proud that I could raise $480.00 in their memory.  I thank all the people who helped me with their generous donations.  Thank you so much.

Now, I need to find a new way to keep my upper lip warm during these cold months.