So, Apparently This Week Was a Holiday. . .

Do you want more proof that I'm sliding into the category of "old fart"?

A few years ago, I would love having a busy week of social engagements and likely feel very energized when it was all over.  Now, after five straight days of social engagements and the upcoming weekend where I'm traveling, I'm ready to crawl under the covers of my bed and refuse to leave until all signs of other life forms are erased from my general vicinity.

Which isn't to say that my Christmas hasn't been spectacular.  It has been.  Honest.  Actually, I am not entirely sapped of life.  I'm just very aware that nonstop partying is no longer my default setting.  Emily on the other hand, is still up for some Friday partying, but I'm using the "Everett hasn't made his bedtime for five straight days and he needs one normal day before the crazy weekend" excuse to opt home tonight.

It is worth being tired, because I had several wonderful days with friends and family.  Yesterday was actually a rather fabulous date with my wife, which has started becoming a far too rare of an occasion.  The day prior was Everett's first birthday, which I was actually far more excited about than Christmas.  I think that change of preference is just what happens when you become a parent.

Though I must say that if you want to be exhausted, then the best strategy in the world is to plan a birthday the day after the biggest holiday of the year.  We already had three straight social engagements before throwing a birthday party that needed decorations, presents, food, and awake hosts.  Though I need to confess my wife did all the hard work, and she is still the one ready for socializing.

My excuse is I'm still also trying to do paid work on top of all this fun and merriment.  I am sticking to that excuse, because it is the best one I'll ever have. 

All this ranting is to get to my point that my holidays have been fantastic.  And Everett's first birthday party was a monumental success.  If you don't believe me, then just check out a previous post.

Now, it is your turn to tell me about your Christmas festivities and fun.