The Song That Inspired My Latest Piece of Fiction

Because I write fiction.

You would be forgiven for not knowing this fact, because it has been sealed away from the public.  I am prepared to unlock the vault and start assaulting the world with my imagination.  Or maybe I'll just settle for entertaining instead.

Either way, I have some fiction written and I will be writing more.  I'll be trying to get it published over the next few years, and then leave it up to the public to decide if fiction is my thing.

But my subject header promised the revelation of a song that motivated my latest piece of fiction.  Fiction that I have just started, and hopefully one day will be ready for this big and scary world.

My latest writing spree has been inspired by the song "Love the Way You Lie" by Eminem and featuring Rihanna.  If you know the song, then you probably have a good idea that my fiction isn't the most holiday appropriate or soaked with things like cheer or happiness.

I like this song, and have heard a few times lately, but this weekend, it caused an idea to invade my thoughts.  So, it needed to be written.  Now it has. 

If you haven't ever heard this song, then you may want to hear what has inspired me.  Be warned this version isn't safe for work or really something the easily offended would enjoy.

Hopefully, in the next year, you'll be able to play a game of "Guess which works of fiction was inspired by this song."  It not only will be an incredibly fun game, but it also means I've actually got some of my fiction published.  That is my favourite part.


Something that isn't fiction, is my plan to start blogging more consistently on here.  I realize it hasn't been much more than a plug for my published work lately.  I want it to start becoming my public sketch pad again, where I just throw out numerous thoughts and opinions that are dancing about in my head.  Of course, you can be the judge of how successful I am on following through on this promise over the next month.  Yes, I realize that the biggest holiday month of the year isn't the best time to try to get ambitious about the blog again.