An absolutely awful thing has occurred in Connecticut.

As a new father, this tragedy breaks my heart and makes me sick to my stomach.  27 lives were lost in a senseless and cold blooded act of violence.  18 of them were children.  It makes me cry.  It drains my energy.  I am in no place to politicize or get up on my soapbox.  I might have something to say later, or I may just leave it to others.  Because there will likely be much said about this issue in the coming weeks.

But for now, I cry.  I feel for the parents that lost their most precious gift.  I am crushed that darling and innocent children will not be able to live a long and full life.  It is despicable and disgusting.  It isn't fair.  I send my love and thoughts to all the people who lost someone and to all the poor children that had to experience this event.

What a tragedy.  All I can hope is this atrocious event leads to major changes.

Right now, I'm just going to go hug my son, and let him know how much I love him.