A Pictorial Peek into the Spicer's Christmas Holidays

Because you know you've been dying to find out how we spread the Christmas cheer.

Everett already realizes what makes a terrific gift.  He also now has figured out why he calls them great aunts.

Everett spreads the holiday love to his cherished big brother, Summit.

"Christmas is fun, but have we totally eliminated sleep time now?"

 Once Everett realized there were cool things hidden in these boxes and bags, the whole sleep thing stopped being an issue.

Everett's new buddy, Sully.

It doesn't take long to become a pro at gift opening.  In a massive shocker, Everett somehow ended up with lots of toy dogs.  Wonder why that was the default for everyone???

Not a toy dog.  He did get other gifts.

In something that perfectly showed the kind of person I am, I got incredibly ecstatic over the gift of vintage candy from my childhood, which I got from Santa.  I love having things that remind me of those younger years.  I also like eating junk food.  It was perfection.

Of course, after all the holiday eating, exercise is very important.  

Everyone loves stockings.

"Your turn, daddy."

Christmas feast hangover.

Train them when they're young.  I'm talking about the shirt, of course.  As for the ball and paddle, he has already mastered the skill of stealing his cousin's toys.

A boy who takes his playing very seriously.

Just a few years away from his first sold out concert.  Though most of the attendees will likely be all the stuffed toys we got him.

And now back to Everett's favourite thing.

And of course, every Spicer Christmas holiday must now be capped off with a special person's birthday.  And you already saw what happened to that delicious cake.