Have You Always Dreamed About Hearing My Voice? Well, Listen to "The Breakdown of Django Unchained" Podcast

You've already read my review for Django Unchained. But you haven't actually heard my thoughts. But now you can. In what will hopefully be a regular feature on the blog, and a fun way to fill your ears with my dulcet tone, I'm debuting a podcast.

Even though I am fully capable of just going on and on for a few hours by myself, I thought the podcast may be slightly more interesting with a fellow movie buff. I've got close friend (and the Best Man at my wedding) Scott Martin to be the moderator and fellow orator.

In this podcast, The Breakdown of Django Unchained we look at all the different aspects of marketing the film such as the trailer, critical reception, and fan response, and then discuss how close these aspects were to our own opinion on the film. We also discuss what we liked and disliked from the film, and basically go all Siskel and Ebert on this thing.

You already know what I think about this movie, but I go a little deeper than I did in the written review and try to discuss some other aspects of the film. Plus you get to hear Scott and his opinion, and trust me, it is delightful.

If you want some background noise while you work today then this podcast could be your ear candy. I hope you enjoy it, because it was a blast to do.