Here is the Entire "Breakdown of the 85th Academy Awards" Podcast Series for your Convenience

During the build to the 85th Academy Awards, Scott and I have been doing a podcast series that has been looking at the past year in cinema and analyzing all the major category nominees.  If you haven't had a chance to listen to the four part series, you should really check it out before the Academy Awards on Sunday.

Just because I love to help out whenever I can, I'm going to offer links to the four podcasts here.

Part 1, looks at the year 2012 in cinema and we analyze some of the major moments of the year.

Part 2, we look at the nominees for Best Supporting Actress and Actor, and we offer up our predictions on the winners.

Part 3, we list the Best Actress, Actor, and Director nominations, and talk about their relevance to the cinematic landscape while also offering up our predictions.

Part 4, is our massive finale where we look at the big one, the Best Picture nominations, and we talk about how we felt each film stood up in 2012 and then reveal our prediction.

Each podcast is close to an hour, and the finale is an hour and half.  You're getting a lot of great content and discussion about one of the most anticipated awards shows of the year.

I really hope you enjoyed the series, and if you did, please share it with others.  We would also love to hear your feedback and thoughts.