The Breakdown of the 85th Academy Awards Podcast Part 1

The 85th Academy Awards is almost here, and all the film buffs are eager to offer up their predictions.  So, Scott and I will be joining in on the fun by offering up our own predictions and thoughts of the Oscar nominations.  We will be looking over all the major categories and nominations by predicting who we think will win but also judging the relevance these films will have in history and the current landscape.

As you know, we can be long winded folks and there is a lot to talk about with the current nominations.  So, we'll be dividing the podcast into 4 parts.  Our first podcast will be looking at the year 2012, and the significant moments of cinema during the year, and what impact there will be on the coming years.

Check out part one of our Academy Awards podcast series.  We always welcome your thought and comments, and if you love our stuff, then please pass the word and share our podcast.