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The Breakdown of the 85th Academy Awards Podcast Part 4

The Breakdown of the 85th Academy Awards podcast series wraps up today.  Scott and I have been running down all the major nominees and offering up our predictions of the winners.  If you haven't checked out the previous podcasts in this series, then definitely give them a listen first.

In part 1, we look at the year 2012 in cinema and pick out some significant moments.

In part 2, we run down the Best Supporting Actress and Actor nominations along with our thoughts on their significance on film history and our predictions on the winners.

In part 3, we list the Best Actress, Actor, and Director nominations along with our thoughts on how they will stand up over time along with our predictions of the winners.

Now, we finish up the series with an in depth look at all the Best Picture nominees, and like the rest, we look at their significance and offer up our predictions.

We hope you enjoyed the series and love this big finale.  I think the podcast series turned out really great.  If you enjoyed it then please share it with others.  As always, we'd love your feedback and comments.