Glenn Coulson's Creative Journey Through Entertainment

The name Glenn Coulson may not jump out at you.  But if I take you back to 1999 and remind you of the time that you used to constantly turn to MuchMusic to watch actual music videos then you may remember one boy band that was a little different than the rest.  A boy band that sang about being shot down rather than about how hot they were.  This group was VIP, and their hit was "It's Just My Luck."

Glenn Coulson is still in the entertainment industry.  He has become a musician, a voice actor, and a record/film producer.  He is always looking for different ways to express himself creatively.  His latest endeavour is creating his first solo record.  A project that is deeply personal to him.

I got the opportunity to interview Glenn Coulson about his record and his entertainment career.  I instantly found a man who was passionate about the creative process and loved the entertainment industry.  It was inspiring and motivating.  It filled me with the energy to continue pursuing my own projects.  It also showcased a great Canadian with an amazing story about what hard work and focus can lead to for someone.

It also led me to writing an article that is one of my proudest pieces.  It is a great story about an amazing journey of inspiration and hope.  You may not like Glenn Coulson's music, but this article is about so much more.  Please give it a read, and if you enjoy it, I'd be honoured if you would pass it on to other readers through various social media.  As always, I welcome comments and feedback over at the Collective Publishing site.