I Would Line Up for this Version of Iron Man 3

I am most likely going to end up reviewing Iron Man 3.  It will be one of the biggest blockbusters of the summer, and capitalizing on people's super duper huge interest is what I do.  But I'm pretty stoked to see it because the trailers have been pretty top notch and it looks like a special effects extravaganza that will also serve up a healthy dose of complicated hero wrestling with inner torture.  Plus bad guy Ben Kingsley.  And most likely bad guy Guy Pearce.  Of course, this is the first follow up to the pretty awesome The Avengers.

But yeah, the trailers are an example of how you get someone pumped for a big blockbuster, because it told a story but also didn't give away the whole plot.  I'm intrigued why the suits are attacking Starks or blowing up or why he is out dragging one in the cold.  And I could actually go on and on about this.

Instead, I'll point you to a trailer that isn't fully endorsed by Disney or Marvel.

So yeah, you may have figured out at some point that isn't the official trailer.  The people at CineFix did a rather impressive job of making a homemade shot for shot trailer.  I'd be totally down for their version of the film.

I planned to show you the actual trailer they mimicked so you could compare, except it was the first one and now I can't find it.  There has been about a bazillion Iron Man 3 trailers since that one.  Even one with Don Cheadle in an Iron Man suit, which is another reason to see the movie.  Anyway, you'll just have to trust me they did a good job capturing that trailer shot for shot.

Iron Man 3 trailers are easy to find.  You can probably find the one I mentioned if you're not lazy like me.  But instead, here is a trailer to possibly the first Shia Labeouf film that I've ever wanted to see, The Company You Keep.  This looks like a good old fashioned dramatic thriller with deep and complicated characters.  I'm just as excited for this.