Revisiting Jackie Brown Podcast: Did She Get a Raw Deal Back in 1997?

I must confess; I didn't really like Jackie Brown when I first saw it.  I had seen Pulp Fiction, and was likely expecting something with that intensity, action, and violence.  But I also wasn't the only person back then that didn't fall in love with Jackie Brown.  It didn't make near the amount that Pulp Fiction did at the box office. It got some great reviews such as Roger Ebert who called it one of the best films of 1997.  But for the most part, it was one of Tarantino's less praised films.

Like a fine wine, the opinion of Jackie Brown has aged well.  Many film buffs hold it up as a classic.  I've read some glowing reviews of the film in the past few years.  It started making me think if I need to give the film a second chance.  It got me reconsidering my review from way back during a time I was barely out of high school. 

This is why Scott and I revisited Jackie Brown.  Our podcast will look at the time period of 1997 and analyze the hit films of the time.  We'll discuss the reasons that Jackie Brown was not a hit at the time.  We then review the film, look at how it influenced proceeding films, and where it stands in the historic cinematic landscape.  Most importantly, we decide if we were right the first time, or if Jackie Brown deserves to be known as a great motion picture.

Please check out this podcast dissecting a past film.  If you love it, then please pass it on to others.  As always, feel free to leave feedback or comments.