Spoiler Room Dark Skies Podcast

Scott and I return with more thoughts on Dark Skies.  If you listened to last week's Breakdown, you will know that we didn't love it.  We also aren't the biggest fans of the current direction of horror.  But we do realize how significant Blumhouse Productions has been in influencing the genre. 

This time we really analyze and tear apart the film Dark Skies.  We look at the highlights, the lowlights, the plot holes, and all the major story moments.  We then predict the success of the film, and also look at how it will affect the entire genre.  Then we also go down a thousand rabbit trails, and talk about the many movies that did create engaging horror stories.

It is a fun podcast, and a great one for those frustrated with the current crop of horror films.  We also talk about what works in great horror films, and what can be done to fix the current situation. So, please give it a listen, if you like it, the best thing you can do is refer it to others.  As always, we welcome all feedback and comments.