The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Film Review: Can It Pull a Funny Movie Out of Its Hat?

The highest grossing film up until this past weekend was a comedy, Identity Thief.  This was proof that a comedy can still draw an audience to the theatres.  It would also make you think a comedy with two of the biggest film comedians of the past two decade would draw a horde of film goers.  Steve Carell and Jim Carrey have become rivals on the big screen once again, and the last time it created the big hit Bruce Almighty.

The box office has already shown that The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is a flop.  This either means the two stars don't have the power they once possessed or that they were in a film with a story that no one wanted to see.  It is a well-worn and formulaic story that heavily borrows from Talladega Nights (just replace the car racing with magic shows).  But Identity Thief isn't an original concept either and was a very flawed film, yet I still gave it a relatively positive review.

Can The Incredible Burt Wonderstone turn an unoriginal concept into an engaging and funny film?  Does it have want it takes to weave cinematic magic?  Find out in my latest film review for Collective Publishing.