The Walking Dead Episode 13 Review: Welcome to the First Hour of The Talking Dead

I'm a huge fan of character development.  I am not someone that needs nonstop action in my TV series.  Actually, I'm usually a bigger fan of the human emotion and seeing how a person responds to a dreadful situation.  The Walking Dead is a show that allows for many of those situations to possibly happen and force the character to develop in a unique way.  But a unique way isn't several straight episodes of discussions disguised as story and character development where nothing actually ever develops.

This is the rut The Walking Dead is stuck in.  They likely have a killer finale planned, but we're now forced to put up with several filler episodes.  Tonight seems to be the latest instance of biding time until the epic war.  But there are still things worth reading about, even if it is my own ranting against the current state.  You can check out all my thought in my latest review for BuddyTV.