Breakdown of "The Hangover Part III" Podcast: The Wolfpack's Last Comedy Feast

The critical reception isn't pretty for The Hangover Part III.  Scott and I don't always follow everything the average critic loves and hates.  In our latest podcast, you'll find out if we feel the final chapter to be a proper send-off for the Wolfpack.

I must admit that I came out with some very passionate views of this picture.  It took a day for me to actually reflect and come up with my real rating of this film.  This was recorded the day I saw the movie, and so my views have changed slightly since that time.  If you want to see how much they've changed then be sure to read my review for Collective Publishing on Wednesday.  Yes, I'm shamelessly pimping my other work.

But the podcast does offer up opinions and analysis of The Hangover franchise, and looks at what works and fails with this high-grossing series.  It is a great listen for those wondering if this film is better than the critical consensus.