It's Tuesday, So Here are Some Questions

I'm a little busy with pay copy and marketing today, so I'll likely not be able to spend much time on here.  Instead, I will distract you from my absence with a couple of questions.

I've been quickly learning that a huge portion of my readership comes from either writers or people with aspirations to be a writer.  So, I'm curious to find out how you see your burgeoning writing career.  Do you have desire for writing to become your main source of income or is it just a side passion?  Do you want to be freelance or get a full time job with a magazine or other publishing companies?

The questions that interests me most, what is it about writing that attracts you as a career option?  Since writing is such a broad vocation, what type of writing is it you hope to break into?  Fiction?  Magazine writing?  Journalism?  Criticism?  Corporate or business writing?  A little of all of them?

The final option isn't a bad one, by the way.  It is what I do.  Partly because it is smart to have multiple revenues streams when you're self-employed, but also it helps me remain interested when I have a variety of writing jobs.  The act of writing is the biggest draw for me, and I love dipping into various avenues, be it ghostwriting or journalism or creative writing.  Though I am hoping over the next few months to be able to focus a bit more one some personal projects such as fiction and book writing.

Now, for all my readers that aren't writers.  What is your dream job or are you one of the lucky few that is currently doing it?

Have a grand Tuesday.