Latest Trendy Song That Makes My Heart Dance with Glee

I've dished up a song by The Lumineers in the past.  It has been very clear for the last several years that Mumford & Sons has started a certain trend or maybe even craze in the music industry that is being followed by several bands.  The Lumineers would be one of those bands.

It gets played on most rock stations, but not sure how much the hardcore rockers like this music being shoved on their laps.  But there are many who do love the shoveling of this music, because it sells out arenas and actually moves albums in stores.  It is one of the current hot trends in music right now.  I describe it as a "Celtic folk rock fusion thing" that for the most part is upbeat and happy.  I'm probably the only one to use that description because it is kind of awkward and also would be deemed inaccurate by anyone who is a big fan of the genres I mashed into the description.  The one indisputable description is that it is trendy and hot right now.

There was a time that I tried to rebel against the hot and trendy.  Mostly because I argued the trendy usually looks rather stupid a decade later.  I still hold to that belief.  A lot of things that are super hot in pop culture don't have a long shelf life and aren't what endures as the classics to be remembered.

But at 35 years old, I really don't care anymore.  I'm fine being suckered by the trends and jumping on what is hot.  If I like it at the time, then that is the only thing that matters.  I like this new song by The Lumineers called "Stubborn Love."

It is the right kind of song that gets my fingers dancing and keeps my heart upbeat while I type away during the day.  An enjoyable and catchy song keeps me cheery and happy while trudging through some of the more mundane pay copy.  I still have all my other more deep and profound songs that spark creativity, but a fun little piece of eye candy is a great thing for the straightforward work.

Plus I'm a sucker for cute and happy little kids, and this video has one of those too.  I am not sure if the actual lyrics are super happy, but the video has heart and the music is good for the soul.


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