Star Trek Into Darkness Film Review: Beam Me Up, J.J. Abrams

The Star Trek reboot was a massive hit with almost all audiences.  Though there was always a little bit of tension over the fact J.J. Abrams openly admitted he was a bigger Star Wars fan and just a casual fan of Star Trek.  There were many critics that described the first as a Star Trek flavoured space opera rather than an actual Star Trek film.  And if that bothered you, I can tell you right now Star Trek Into Darkness will not make you any happier.  But it does contain several winks and homages to the franchise's past, and may have a few scenes that will get you absolutely giddy.  The reality is the reboot drew in new fans, and so the big question is if the sequel is a worthy follow-up.  I answer that very question in my latest film review for Collective Publishing.