Paranormal Activity Revisit Podcast: Were the Scares Worth the Trend It Spawned?

The original Paranormal Activity was a surprise box office smash and also a big critical success.  It has shaped the current horror genre and is responsible for over 50% of the type of scary pictures that come out each year.  I've made it clear how much I dislike many of the current horror films, but up until recently I never saw Paranormal Activity.  This has now changed, and I offer up my opinion and reviews on the film that created a massive franchise and several knock off pictures.

Scott joins me as we look at the history of horror, the influence of this film, and then discuss if it actually is a good picture and deserved the high praise from other critics.  You may be shocked with what we have to say based off many of our criticisms of this genre in the past.

It is a loaded show that is great for horror fans or those who enjoy film history.  Enjoy!