Sunday's Deep and Profound and Thought-Provoking and Maybe Even Life Changing Question. . .

Okay, so horror movies are infamously known for being populated with brain dead teenagers that always make the stupidest and most life-ending choices possible.  The horror movie character will faithfully go alone into the dark woods after hearing a strange sound, or decide to throw a party in an abandoned cabin real close to where those murders just happened, or happily recite Latin that will unearth an indescribable evil after only being warned five times, or think nothing of sticking their head through a mysterious hole, or date the figure with the shady past that has a habit of friends dying around them.  Characters in scary movies can almost always be trusted to do the stupidest things possible.

So, my question is who is the smartest character from a horror motion picture?  It isn't a large selection, I know.  But once in and while, they're a few who end up being more than glorified ground beef.

My pick is Laurie Strode from the original Halloween.  She actually showed a heart by trying to protect the kids she was babysitting, and she did a lot more than just scream her lungs out.  If it wasn't for Michael Myers being unkillable, she'd have actually been able take him out unlike most other characters in other scary movies.  She seemed to act like a real teenager and actually value her life and make decisions that didn't make it easier for her to be sliced and diced.  Laurie Strode seems like a real but also smart human, which is a rarity in any slasher picture.

Who do you think is the smartest character from a horror movie?


  1. Danielle Olivia Tefft6:54 am

    Ben from Night of the Living Dead (1968).


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